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Reviews for "Grave 2"

gud but disapointing

it was prity gud but i personly was disapointed and was exspecting much more


im 13 too and this is awsome. keep up the good work. the only thing that would have made this 100% was the ability to move. but i love this.

great fun

well, the graphics aren't that great. infact they sucked, but the gameplay was very fun. you dont really need the "green sight", but it's a cool gadget to have nontheless. inprove the graphics a bit and this game would be a lot better.

hey not bad.

You get an A for effort. while yes the graphics wernt all that great they wernt bad either. ive seen much... muuuuch worst thing on the front page. Good Job!

That was Pretty fun

Hey the graphics weren't that good but it was still pretty fun. It could of been better if u had more weapons but other then that i liked it. Ypur pretty good for 13. Keep it up and one day you might be able to make a living do this stuff.