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Reviews for "Grave 2"

Extremely good for a 13 year old!!!

I'm almost 15 and I can barely even tween an object. I'm still looking for someone to teach m flash. A fun game by the way, but the graphics need a little work. Graphics is something I excel in.

Very odd

OK i really dont get this man it is so f up man really. I did not get it at all and the aiming is terribal. I usualy rank good on stuff but i dont know about this one.

13 years old?

I am impressed. Yes the game was short but this is impressive for one your age, most would have given up, and you took 3 months out of your time to do this. Congratulations, if my appreciation counts that is.

VERY dissapointing

I thought it would be cool but it was boring and got old quick


Are you kiding me the graphics were great at least to me they were because i can't animate a thing really reall amazing great game make more and like that cat guysaid it might be a little bit baetter if you coud move but overall great game