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Reviews for "Grave 2"


Im gonna be honest...That wasnt that great...And technically, you cant call yourself a "programmer" for learning how to make a cheap zombie shooter in flash. Before you do that make an RPG with RPG maker or learn basic or something!

FrostedMuffins responds:

My game Hell Noodle took a lot of programming in tons of different places. FPS arn't that hard to program, I was talking in general. For Hell Noodle, I needed to place the bullets from scratch, program movement, jumping, ducking, shooting, minibosses, bosses, regular enamies, power ups, and tons of other stuff.

Loved it

Nothing beats a good zombie shooter...

could have been better

there just wasent enough game play to satificy me also ur graphics where slacking


Gameplay and concept was pretty cool, but the graphics need a lot of help...practice drawing some more, and blance the gore, and you've got a really good game in the making.

For some reason....

I was not able to shoot the spiders, I tried everything but I unable to hit them.