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Reviews for "Grave 2"

wow i'm amazed..with your age and this

Your flash is really great! people say he graphics suck, but don't listen to them. It doesn't matter from what you made...it matters what your soul and your mind desires to make. Its really amazing to see you do this such detailed manner. Therefore you deserve a decent score


holleeee shit. i cannot beleive this is on frontpage !!! i see abotu a million cloens of this game twice as gd as this everyday. nothing in this game could be done without a basic tutorial and a week or so of practisin with flash. jesus christ i could post about a million links to things that n00bs have shat that are better than this

FrostedMuffins responds:

You're just mad because you couldn't get front page. It's ok, we all get a little angry every once in a while. Let it all out.

You Rock

I can not believe your only thirteen and you made this good of a game. My game is okay, but yours was honestly awesome. Thw Knuckles game was also pretty fun too.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Your game is pretty good too! I liked how the car didn't rotate but the road did, a nice new method. Glad you liked mine.

it was ok

i just dont get xombies with ninja sas tought....i voted 4


This game is killer. Im in the middle of working on a Video flash but if you need some Grusem Zombies and better back grounds w/ animation, get ahold of me at my E-mail through my Profile, I bet I can whip up some killer stuff for "Grave 3"