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Reviews for "Grave 2"

Very Nice

Very Nice game. A little smoother graphics could make this game is insane. Keep up the good work. Hope to see a Grave 3.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Thanks a lot. If anyone wants to colab, I'm here!

Way to go!!!!!!!!!!

As far as flash shooters go, this is amazing. Most flash shooters dont let u progress from room to room as you go, like with a story. I dont make games. Movies are much easier, and tend to score better. However, do not give up! You are almost at a pro level of flash. There is real money to be made with games, whereas there is no money to be made with flash cartoons. This game is cool.

Tips for Grave 3: Make a story[i do not care how bad it is, just make a story.] Add background music[remember that bad music is worse than no music though.] Graphics are satisfactory, but could be better.

BIG TIP: Make it longer. Ng gives u 5mb of space. Utilize all 5 megs. To make the big time with front page, you gotta go big with your flash. THINK BIG, LONG POLISHED, AND KOOL!

Go Grave 2!

FrostedMuffins responds:

Thanks a lot! I was worried about the load time being too long, so I shortened it a bit. You'll notice all of my other games are a bit leanthly. Thanks for all of the ideas.


That was a cool game dude, it will definetly be on front page soon

FrostedMuffins responds:

If this makes front page, I'll have a heart attack. Thanks for the great ratings! I really hope that Tom puts it up, but I have my doubts, it didn't even make Daily 5. Thanks a lot!

could have, would have, should have been better

it was okay. not good, but it's also not bad. the demo was alright as well. overall it was good for a few minutes. you should have pushed yourself to make it a little better at least. and yeah, it needs background musix.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Three months of work was enough for me. I ran myself mad with this game. I was debating if I should use background music or not. On one side, it might ruin the atmosphere, on the other, it could enhance the players interactivity with the game. Oh well, thanks for the 8

...you're right.

I didn't find the game that fun (I found the Knuckles demo even less so), but you ARE right about how hard it is to get an award on NG nowadays. My first demo (read UNFINISHED GAME! BARELY ANY GAMEPLAY) was on the Top 50 for weeks, and now three years later I'm making games professionally and I'm lucky to get the 3rd place and more than 15,000 views, while a sprite movie released the same day hits the Top 50.

In general, animations seem to do sooo much better than games here, and a good game takes a lot more man hours than a decent animation. I wonder why that's the case?

Oh, I'll give you a 5 and help you try to win an award. It's hard enough to do as it is.

FrostedMuffins responds:

thanks for seeing it my way. I used to view NG differently, as a place that I could have a chance, not that it's anyones fault. I just wish that games weren't so underrated. Thanks for the help!