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Reviews for "Grave 2"

That was pretty easy

but other than that it's great.

good job

i'll admit that the art was kinda weak but who gives a shit, the fact is for u having certain limitations with what u can do it was pretty damn good, i like the sounds of the pistol expecially, i just wish that the enemies might have been a little harder to kill, either way it was good, keep up the good work and make ur next one even better, and who cares if it was like house of the dead, i didnt even compare it to house of the dead at all

wow...I'm so impressed

Try brushing up on your art skills before ripping off House of the Dead.

This wasnt very good

First of all nice job. Its hard making a good game these days, the compitition is tough. But besides all that your game sucked. You could barely move your gun and the animation when shooting blowed. Try taking the time (on your next game) to make those "little things" a lot better.

so the art ain't great

good game man, spiders where a bitch to hit, especially with a touch pad but hey, only thing I would really change is the sound of the breaking glass it's kinda aggravating, and maybe a clip reload, poosibly right click or something. Easter eggs are always fun. (area 51 style, shoot all the windows in the begining=bonus level)

playing through it a few more times, the bosses are kinda of simplistic, all you have to do is shoot them repeatedly, blood head guy for example, whatever he throws at you is too easy to block, just keep shooting him in the head and his attack crosses your line of fire. You have that whole pool, use it to your advantage. I wait with batied breath for 3 my friend, keep up the great work, and if you need help with a soundtrack, I'll be glad to throw some custom tracks together for you.