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Reviews for "Grave 2"


yeah got kinda boring for me with no background music. An the graphics yeah crap:) but other than the game being too easy i guess it was alright.

Bad game

It has a good name, but when you play it...its so boring, and damnit I shot a fucking spider 6 times and it didn't die until it jumped at me....while alot of others died when I shot them once on the wall. The zombie things are like 5 meters away from you and yet they can take away your health points. Damn, and the graphics sucked. I give you credit for trying though

hmm this has potential

Unlike Pulitosano i can give consturctive criticism... This game is good.. I have seen better graphics on webgames... but this is really fun! you just need to get better looking zombies...

Better than I could do, We'll see about G3

This is not entirely bad, don't be blaming stuff so easily. The flash level shows that you know what you're doing, you just can't draw. Find someone that can draw and you'll be fine, it was alright.

Yeah, I thought it was kinda easy too

I just finished it first try using a laptop touch pad instead of a mouse, so maybe up the difficulty for the next one. Other than that, I liked the visual style, it was cool, and the sound effects were sweet. The choice of guns was a nice touch too. Job well done I say. :)