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Reviews for "Grave 2"

liked it.

it was good, just that there should be more sound
+ it was too easy, but I liked it

Good but...

The zombies were a bit cheesy animated, it was a bit short, you could have made a reload button to make it a bit harder, and there weren't that much sound effects.

But it has a lot of good potential, that it did :)

The Cook spooked me out

It was good but some suggestion from an artists perspective, better character animation for the zombies, they were kinda cheesey. Also make it longer


Watch the spelling, though. Um, music would be sweet too because it'd really get people hyped up. Needs some overall improvements, but it is a really good game so far.

i don't know what goes on this top line here.

DUDE! you need music! what kind of zombie killin game has no music? oh well it was kinda short... not even 2 good metalica songs.
i got kinda frustrated at the spiders... machine gun didn't work on them. i used to be good at 3d art but i sold all my stuff to my big brother. again, you need music. it was fairly easy for me. don't get discouraged. just add music, make it longer, and make it so that the damn spiders die.

FrostedMuffins responds:

I've noticed that ever since I took my age off of the author's comments, my score and reviews have all been lowered. Just wanted to clear that up because I want the score I deserve, and no pity just because of my age.