Reviews for "TMBG hidden message"


Only a person who knows both of these songs could appreciate this hidden message.
I never knew about it. that is friggen awesome

great job

i liked your choice of music, and you did very well with your animation. i've seen other people try to do a video for that song and it just never worked out right in my opinion. i give you props for this one. and all my five R belong to this

Good one!

I love things like this! W00T! If you can make any more of these, do more!

All right!

I didn't know that many more people knew about this. Thanks for making it public. Booyah.

Amish-Tech responds:

the first and best review so far! im glad some else here is a tmbg fan and knows what im talking about.

Whoa, that's fucking awesome

I always knew that TMBG were a talented group, but to be able to sing a song backwards? THAT has got to be really fucking hard.

The real song of Thunderbird kicks ass too :)