Reviews for "Grizzly Fight Commission"

Very well executed. I like how you blurred the background to capture the intensity of the foreground. The fur on the bear is nicely tufted, and the overall power of the piece is well-spoken.

Well, its well-made. It looks good, in spite of the background being obscenely blurred (or maybe it was simply made?) and the actual focus area seeming sketchy.

I must admit, I feel no sympathy or pity for my fellow man that tortures animals and then winds up getting mauled or killed later on by them. This reminds me that dumb people do dumb things and that pain and suffering is experienced by all as a result.

Grizzly bear don't care.

How did you get a hold of that picture of me?!?

Its a guy choking out a bear. WHY ISN'T THIS ON THE FRONT PAGE YET?!