Reviews for "Shades of Gray [Ch.6]"


probably my least favorite episode of this Shades of Gray series, but this 6th installment was still pretty good.

vdj-microbe responds:

It's understandable. We just think that this chapter needed to be alone. It's very crucial to the whole story. Trust me.



Them longer to get them over with as quickly as possible.

vdj-microbe responds:



A love scene. That's cool. Now you got all the chicks hooked as well.
Ain't Guy a softie? And according to his girlfriend - Eric must be too.
Waiting for the next installment.

not as good as the others

this chapter wasn't funny at all, i guess not all of them is laugh out loud funny. I didn't feel sad either, which am i supose to feel sad? Kind of boring this chapter. You dont' respond to reviews huh? i feel sad i've written like 12 reviews today and haven't gotten a single one I feel unloved..


vdj-microbe responds:

Hi AnzRage,
The reason why we put this on a separate chapter was because we wanted to releive some tension after the Dave scene. Trust me you will love the next one. It's up now!!!!

Thanks for your kind words. I apologize for not answering sooner.

Joseph Garcia