Reviews for "Street Fighter-KensTheme-Piano"

Oh my god!! Dude!!!

Damn dude!! That was friggin awsome!!
I love your all of your songs (piano only) cause I love piano too hehe.
That was excellent, keep up the awsome work! ^^


afliXion responds:

Haha. Yea man piano is the best.
Be sure to check out my next piano song. (whatever it may be) ;)

Ken is the man

Nice i was actually going to remix this song but i like to remix songs that no one does that often ( or atleast i try to ). But anyway keep it up.

afliXion responds:

Ken is cool. I like Ryu better though, but whocares there practically the same. Kens music is cooler though. Actually I was thinking about doing Ryus next... but who knows.


i've been waiting for a good remix of this for a while now, so i liked this alot. the only thing that'd be nice is if there was more than just a piano. but other than that it was really good!

afliXion responds:

Thanks for the review. I like making piano versions of songs like this, it didn't really need anything else with it I didn't think,. sept maybe drums but I didn't feel like writing out a part for that.