Reviews for "Street Fighter-KensTheme-Piano"


Excellent man, this is my favorite song in all the street fighter seris, and I have never heard it on piano. Very original! I give you a 10 in everything. Keep up the good work.

afliXion responds:

Its good to know I'm not the only guy who listens to this music. Here at Interlochen ppl think I'm crazy.

pretty fucking good

only us true fans can understand this kinda work and if you did this yourself you got some real skill homie and that i can say i envy because only the true fans can understand this knida stuff

afliXion responds:

ha. Yea, just us true fans.


all these SN soundtracks make me deeply sad because my mom threw my SN away like 2 years ago... and since then I haven't played SF2, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, Mario games, Kirby games... so i really love the street fighter songs, ESPECIALLY the ken, ruy, guile and vega ones.

anyways, the song...

u did a pretty good job at it. The piano does make it sound more emotional and i think u captured most voices. It's just my personal philosophy that anything thats not completely accurate shudnt get over a 7. if u listen to the original, ull see that the melodic lines moves at a different rhythm in the beginning and it just bothers the hell out of me when im humming along.

but awsome job figuring all the layers!

afliXion responds:

Idk man I'm pretty sure the rhythms matched the file I was listening to..

when did you get so good at this ??

Ilistened to ryu's theam before this one and thay were just unbeliavable you are a master

ps witch one's your favorite of the 2 theames

afliXion responds:

Thanks for reviewing. I think I like Ryu's slightly better than Ken's, but I like Guieles slightly better than Ryu's. :D


I love it because its my favorite character from street fighter.

afliXion responds:

Ken is cool. Ryu is cooler though. :p