Reviews for "Shades of Gray [Ch.1]"

Epic immaturity, quality filmmaking!

If the ensuing chapters prove to follow the calibre of this one, this series will seriously rock the world. It is full of thrilling visuals, fantastic acting, and a splendid hook. The generally amatuerish acting of internet popularity runs home to its mother with wet pants after seeing the antics of this crew. I say, good show, old chap.



Me and my friends make home movies, and as far as home movies go, this is a masterpiece. "You can dance if you want to, something British yay..." Good song to, even if I couldn't understand half of it.


From what I saw in the trailer, this series looks very promising. As an aspiring filmmaker myself, I am definitely looking forward to future episodes. It's not very often you see something on Newgrounds as good as this. I'd say it's a nice change of pace. Keep up the good work and I'll keep voting 5.

vdj-microbe responds:

Thanks for the support and keep watching.

I've seen the mother***ker

jeskid you rock i love you movie

rvb fan soccer_tk_08


Great intro to the series!

Loved the music - great camera work as well!

Can't wait to see more!