Reviews for "Shades of Gray [Ch.1]"

We have it.. ..

Ha ha ha, Looks like Eric got conned! I love the opening. Its awesome.
Definately looking forward to seeing more! Hope its up soon! Oh, and his expressions are Just Priceless! ^.^

Incredible movie

this fucking rocks!

i'm glad to see it shine

I'm glad that this movie is getting out into the world! Ever since a friend mentioned this movie to me, I was hoping it would go places.... and I'm glad newgrounds is giving it a place! Too bad you can't advertise the home site for it here.


Yo I loved this movie no matter what others say. I saw the whole thing in Windows Media off your site. This has such a low score because no one saw the full thing, and they didn't enjoy these little clips you have submited. It's a really nice well-made movie that everyone should at least try to watch.
PS make a bigger resolution for the flash if possible, and offer a link in the description of this flash to the full movie.


This is by far the best thing I've seen on New Grounds in a while!

With that said, it's obivous that the director and everyone involved in this movie are professional and talented workers and the end product reflects that!

As for people complaining this isn't flash?! Go to hell! Look at the front page! There's a fat guy dancing to Euro beats ? Please! Then there's claymations!

Honnestly, for people who say this isn't a flash? Grow up. This is New Grounds, NEW amazing GROUND breaking things should be on this site more often...instead people bi@ch about it because there's no fruit with a clock for a voice with a computer voice.