Reviews for "Sonic In Heat"

Pretty good...

HORRIBLE beat boxing... It was just painful

Pretty rubbish

Wow, sonic is on heat, cue hilarious set up situation.... or not in this case. Another whinge iws the "Don't hate the player, Hate The Game" quote. That is not quoted from Sonic at all, hell no... far from it. That's Booker T of WCW fame.


Well..good try, at most, but there was no basis. You show a good control over the animations and such, I'll give you that much.

Hee hee hee hee! That's funny!

Cute, Sonic is horny, eh? Why not have him 'play' with others? Or, God forbid, make him a homo. After all, most of the people he knows in the Dreamcast are all guys. I couldn't understand his voice, man.

That reminds me of that movie Keeblur...


This is a pretty good flic..but only if i could understand most of it....