Reviews for "Sonic In Heat"

it wasn't too cool, but, i did like the chick!!!!

it wasn't too good, it really had no point to it , it had Sonic do a dumb thing, he just rolled up, and didn't even bother to fight the guy, or cut his hands off, i would for a chick like that.

it was ok

i have never seen anything like it and it was good that way but other wise it was average oh and the graphics were good

Dont pull that dikembe mutombo stuff

ITS GOT EARL IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man i miss TJ & E. Anywayz, that wuz high-larious

The funniest Sonic movie ever!

Damn that was a funny movie i hope you make more like that. I would have givin you a 20 for humor but they dont have it! Damn it!

What was he saying???

That was really funny. One problem is, I have no idea what Sonic says after "hey whats up with you baby girl". What does he say??? Earl was unexpected too. But it was cool.