Reviews for "Sonic In Heat"

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha

Very cool, very cool. Loved the black man accent and the basketball tricks. Sonic IS pretty cool but I suppose in the real world he looks a bit gay. Great job.

Dikembe Mutumbo!

wish I could hear all of what they're saying. The little bit that I could understand was pretty funny.

Earl is the PIMP muha fuckakio

As the previous rating said, I simply can't understand anything Sonic said after Hey baby girl, but still this is quality and Earl is the ma-an.
P.S I made the word fuckakio up by accidentily hitting any random keys. If you feel you must use this new word, send money to 123 KillMe Road SW14 2YF
Thank you for your co-operation

Utter garbage. Don't waste your time.

Well, I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this movie. What I got some somthing that amde no sense all. We have Sonic run up to a nicely drawn (Based on the movie, I'm GUESSING not by the author) girl sprite. He fafs about adn then for some reason rolls into a ball and is thrown away by one of the aliens from the Toejam and Earl games. Unh...right. Not only is the animation very basic, but the music is just horrible. The graphics scored above 1 only becuase of the sprite of the girl. And even then, not by much.

what was that about

what was that it made nosence what so ever and it made no refence of him in heat