Reviews for "Sonic In Heat"


It was hard to understand what they were saying... so I didn't really find it interesting except for when the weird lookin guy was dancin on a ball. Kinda made me laugh. Put some motion to the chick.. it looks like they are hittin on a cardboard display person lol

Heh Heh...

The voices. I loved the voices. They were all fast-paced, and sometimes difficult to understand, but when you could they were HILARIOUS. Although it was incredibly short, that was wasn't too bad because one can only take so much of that talking anyway =P.

I would've prefered the girl to me a little more....in motion though. Even something as simple as blinking would be nice. Anything that showed that she wasn't a statue =P.


Earl was funny as hell.

"Thought you were talking to some guy".


That was fantastic!!
You can only just understand what they say if you put the sound at full blast.

What happened?!?!

What happened? Well it was great anyways.