Reviews for "Sonic In Heat"


I had to give you a good score because you included Earl, a character that along with Toejam, I have NEVER seen on newgrounds. The movie could use a LOT of work, and the dubbing, sorry to say, sucked, but you got a good score just by including one of my video game idols.


It needs to be longer. But the thing is...the girl did not move ONCE. If your going to do a sprite movie. . .Atleast use sprites that can move.

oh my god, that was poor

I couldn't understand the voices at all. Was it even in English? If the voices are gonna be so crappy then the least you could do is subtitle it. Why did you even bother submitting this? Did you honestly think people would like this?


pretty boring

It was pretty boring,I could barely understand what they were saying.Even though IM A HUGE fan of Sonice and TJ& Big E (thats Toejam and Earl if youve been playing those games lately) the movie was still very repetitive.


This was soo stupid i couldnt stop laughin!
well done! cool voice overs.