Reviews for "Sonic In Heat"

That man knows how to move a ball!

Sonic gets played like a basketball... its about time.


The graphics and the sound are 6es. But there is little violence, and little humor.

I think that Sonic talked a little too fast.

I sort of had to play the movie a couple times because Sonic is all like, "dhfjadkjfhaljfhalkjfhljfahljkf." And it's like hold the fuck up bitch. It's funny for Sonic to have the whole chipmunk thing and the fast talking but this is a little too much!


That was acually pretty funny. The voice for Sonic was very great. And everything happened so fast and random. Good job.

You have nothing better to do

This is terrible. Terrible characters (the Earl guy is the only thing with any fluid movement, and he's an ass. And what's with that lame doll girl? I could make a better looking girl in Frankensteins basement), terrible sound (Sonics voice = dreadful) and a terrible plot. Sonic in Heat? 'Sonic trapped under an icy lake with a couple of weird side characters' more like. You could do better than this

MadFLeX responds:

know what's funny? it took me 20 minutes of my life to make this and people like you are still talking about it 3 years later. don't worry about being harsh; no one takes you seriously.