Reviews for "Sonic In Heat"

the best damn movie ever

yet i`m black so i know what they sayin too overall very funny


i thought it was funny...but then again im black so i knew what they were saying


XD Holy frigging shit? What the hell was that! I thought it was hilarious, but couldn't really tell what they were saying. o.O


......... ooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkk......weird there were some problems with it like sonic talked to fast and the subtitles went along 2 fast like his voice. one question did u use foamy's voice for sonic cuz it sounded like it

ha! ha!

dude! no effence but sonic wouldn't really go for a chick like that, and by the way, he's one sexy hedghog!(I had a crush on him when i was 12...dont laugh at me!)he doesnt have to go begging to get some! and next time, try hooking him up w/ a sailor scout from sailormoon . but I have to say, that movie was kinda cute.