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Reviews for "Glympse"


That was interesting, nice idea you have there. I know it can't be immediately done, but your graphics need some work, the backgrounds were all gray shade, and it fits the noir feeling of the flash. But there can still be a bunch of other stuff in there, little details.
And all-around the characters should look more serious, some more design put into them and voila.

I like this, I would like to read the book when it's done also.
And I guess it's supposed to be Glympse, but if it's supposed to be Glimpse, you got a little typo in there.

The part which said "in a room" and the kid bouncing around the screen didn't quite fit in the feeling of the whole flash, but hey, no-ones perfect but me. ;)

Bottom line: 'Twas swell.

AlmightyHans responds:

THANKS! ive never gotten such great socres!

That was wicked


I'll give you all 10s, so that you're not angry...

1. Why not blind the kid?
2. Why try to save him?
3. Too CORNY with the girl and the one day
4. The music is WAY overused and personally makes me sick
5. Too much text

I don't want to get you down - I know how that feels. Just understand that this is constructive critizism. Good graphics, by the way.

AlmightyHans responds:

What exactly is it that you would change in this movie then? how would you change it? I'd like to know. email me at almightyhans hotmail com

loved it!

but you know me, lovin it all!


I really want to read the story! Are you going to put it up on a site?