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Reviews for "Glympse"

I'll give you all 10s, so that you're not angry...

1. Why not blind the kid?
2. Why try to save him?
3. Too CORNY with the girl and the one day
4. The music is WAY overused and personally makes me sick
5. Too much text

I don't want to get you down - I know how that feels. Just understand that this is constructive critizism. Good graphics, by the way.

AlmightyHans responds:

What exactly is it that you would change in this movie then? how would you change it? I'd like to know. email me at almightyhans hotmail com

what the crap ....

what did you do just go to the movies ... see constantine then see the part where he was a kid and he'd she people then they'd change into them deamon things then be like .... im gonna go against copywrite and copy this whole idea and change it around a little and write a book about it and make a flash movie about it................... :S think of something on your own and more ORIGINAL!

AlmightyHans responds:

actually...to be honest i haven't seen Constanteen


stupidest fucking thing eveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr.......

AlmightyHans responds:



It just doesn't inspire me. Maybe it was the graphics. Maybe the idea didn't seem all too plausable. Either way, I'm sure your book will be better. Good job, anyway.


Well that was an interesting plot. The animation was pretty cool, but I wanted more out of the movie, I know I know, I ask for much but its only cause I enjoy what I see. Anywho if you made a longer continuation that would be hott