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Reviews for "K111 voice demo"


If I actually had a ligitimate series going I'd offer you a spot. =/

holy shit

pan effects? chorus? i dont know what those effects are but they are annoying and unnessecary. your voices are absolutely fucking brilliant. i have no idea why it is so low. your english one... although stereotypical, is very good for an american! lol. rare to find a good impersonator of the "glish!" also you would be good at smeagle. are you even taking this seriously though? if you worked properly on your voices and spent alot more time on it. i sense you could be one of the best. PERSUE IT! i am jealous. :D:D:D thanks dude. work on getting rid of the effects. totally. but sounds and music are fine. i cant wait for your next voice acting submission!

Khris responds:

thanks for the positive feedback, the thing about my micro phone is that it was not very good, so the only way to get rid of the fuzzyness was to put in a chorus, but i will try to not do that next time

and i'm actually canadian


I may have something for you if you can do a good Documentry commentator voice. If you know what I mean.. like, "Here we see the Silverback Gorilla in its natural habbitat". I would do it myself but I dont have a quality mic. Please PM me if interested. :D