Reviews for "Drawing Basics"

Not bad...

I was expecting some shitty tutorial movie... Very nice, I actually learned a few things.

Very useful and extremely helpful.

Great job on the graphics. I especially liked the 3D lighting tutorial.

Awesome stuff.


Even though i learned nothing, since i knew it all, It was good. Drawing tutorials are really funny in the fact that pretty much everything you can learn from one you can learn by simply using your eyes.

This is a very decent and simple drawing tutorial, but if you seriously needed to use one of these, you can use this one...

...and you need your eyes fixed. Lmao.

very helpful

i learn a lot well things that i already know but its still good to remember old stuff thanx a lot your the best


Glad someone made a useful tutorial! I have zero complaints, but i feel that there should at least be a intro to each section and an end.

Great tutorial

Beginners go here, you'll learn some neat stuff!