Reviews for "Drawing Basics"

Great tutorial

Great work on this tutorial, man. You have great drawing skills. Anyway, I'm now learning flash so this came in handy.

Keep up the good work.


Even though i learned nothing, since i knew it all, It was good. Drawing tutorials are really funny in the fact that pretty much everything you can learn from one you can learn by simply using your eyes.

This is a very decent and simple drawing tutorial, but if you seriously needed to use one of these, you can use this one...

...and you need your eyes fixed. Lmao.

A well crafted and highly needed tutorial...

I agree with redlegion... this is an EXCELLENT drawing tutorial... in fact, although I already new 90% of it, you cut about 2 days of experimentation of my character design... I was working on the general skeleton designs, and I was getting close, but I don't spend a bunch of time each day on it generally, and so your diagram helped fix my leg lengths... which I couldn't figure out was the thing bugging me about my skeleton.

The gradiant lesson was simple but visually effective, and Flash's basic tutorials and Help files compliment this tutorial perfectly. Viewing this should be required before submitting a flash video for the first time.


You definately laid down the basics direct and to the point. These concepts are essential to all artist, and are the timeless tricks of the trade. Knowing what was brought to light in this tutorial will improve your work x 10000. Just dont forget a plot!

search for andrew loomis in google, i believe the site is save loomis .. it features some online books which covers figure drawing in depth.


If only the hundred other artists with blammed work had seen this flash beforehand... Ah well.