Reviews for "WindMill Storm"

maybe I'm just a fanboy... :P

I like this.... it brings back fond memories of tormenting GuruGuru by filling his life with angst and regret... wait a minute... forget I said that...

I think this tune has a nice sound. The opening was a cool idea, as was the guitar.

By the way... why didn't you just call it "Song of Storms Remix"? hahah jk

meh i expected more

for a song thats near the top of the vg mix portal, im not very impressed. the rain and lightning were cool effects, but like 80% of the song isnt yours. try mixing up the tracks and throwing your own tempo and notes into it to offer a bit of variety from the original.


Greatest remix i've heard here.

Very nice job. And the asshole who posted under me is a dumbass. There is nothing ripped from anything but the windmill not any guru guru shit. Its the windmill theme you dumbass... Well very nice work SpacLock! Don't listen to retards like Onetimeuse only.

SpacLock responds:

Yeah he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about hahahaha. Actually by the look of his name i can tell its just another made up account on a proxy server looking for ways to bring me down. Thiss song was number 1 for quite some time untill thisguy showed up. Oh well not everyone likes the same music but i hope the next person who rates it knows what they're talking about.

left too much rain at the end...


Guru Gurus theme(ripped) + rain + lightning + some pads =/=(doesnt equal) number one

hope you try harder on your next song


VERY awesome job on this song. I'm a big fan of Zelda games. =)

Go around, go around, and around, and around! Hehe. =)