Reviews for "WindMill Storm"

Very interesting...

Hello, it's sourpuss critic AngstyKitsune back once more...

I'm not really sure where it was you went wrong, but there was just somthing...off...about this one. Though the vocal element was well done, it took somthing away from the basic simplicity of the original. I've never really though of this as a vocal piece, and as well implimented as that element was, it still didn't change my mind. Other than that, the falling water at the begining came on a bit strong, and some greater variation from the classic instrument and tone could have done wonders.

Great stuff!

I love this quiet, relaxing song...you've made the essence of a storm and turned it into one hell of a musical number, it's great relaxing music for my room! Keep up the great work!


With the sound or actual rain and thunder and the slow and mystical start up in the beginning, it sounded really sexy and mysterious...then as it carried on, it began to take a more 'tender' type of tone...even with the voices.
What feel were you aiming for when you made this??

very good

i thought this was one of the greatest remixes i've heard of a video game song. i wish i had this kind of talent.


i liked it - very relaxing