Reviews for "WindMill Storm"


and speaking of OOT i still in ice cavern -_-


this is the best zelda remix i could find, its very well done, and i love the wound of the storm in the background, it gives it much more of an effect. dude, if you dont mind, im gonna download this song, and put it on my myspace >.<

SpacLock responds:

Go for it man. Thanks for the review!


Well the lead and percusion intruments were great. And i love the SOS in the background. But weird thing is that i did the same thing some what, 3 years later. The ending to your version sounds like a tortured Po spirt. Overall Great song.

Marth OUT!!

Best Windmill Hut/Song of Storms on Newgrounds

Actually, I think that this is one of the best songs I have heard on Newgrounds...Great Job!!!

SpacLock responds:

I'm glad you liked this so much. Thanks a lot for the review.

-SL (4/17/07)


jadp the light