Reviews for "WindMill Storm"


I have to say this is definitely the best remix of the song of storms with the rain blended in an everything. It really is awesome especially since i never review audio submissions but this is so awesome it's worth a review.

9.9 of 10

I really like this very much, but there's something about the singing voice that bothers me... It's almost as if it's out of tune on the highest note... Oh well. It's still excellent.

Very nice.

It's so relaxing, i could fall asleep listening to this.
I find this to be the 3rd best zelda remix i've heard so far. Keep up the good work!


I searched for 3 days looking for a Song of the Storms remix that fit my tastes. I never found it. I was one day looking for a flash tutorial to help me, and all of a sudden, it started playing.
I damn near started laughing.
Right in front of my face.
This is great.
The rain blends perfectly with the mood of the song.
You need to put "Song of the Storms" here somewhere.
That way, people can find it.
I searched for "Windmill Song" and "Song of the Storms", but never "Windmill storm".
If you put "song of the storms" somewhere in here, I garuntee you'll get more people to see it.

SpacLock responds:

Thank your very much for the review and i'm glad that you enjoy the song so much. I wish i could change the name of the song or at least change some of the description, but sadly newgrounds doesn't allow that. If i ever can change the description I will take your advice.

The Best Song of Stoms song.

Excellent! im a huge fan of zelda music and the game. you are a musical Genius. keep up the great work.

P.S. btw if you dont minde me asking can you Please tell me what Sound Program you used to make this?? Thank you^^

SpacLock responds:

I use a combination of Reason 3.0, Ableton Live, and ProTools.

Thanks a lot for the great review Sciphon.