Reviews for "WindMill Storm"

wow just wow

well put together, especially the background sounds, there needs to be more like this. Overall this is one of those songs I'd put on my iPod list.


this was sex.

i love this song. should've been in every game :D

hrmm sounds like...

it would be a theme for a town? or something of the sorts. like a lil shop of horror's town, with lil buildings of horror's all over the place. very twisted-like! 5/5


Who doesn't love the windmill song! nice remix :D


By far one of the best remixes of The Song Of Storms.

I play this particular remix for my soon to be born daughter through her moms belly. She kicks every time the song starts and ends.

Thanks for making something so enjoyable.....for all walks of life.

SpacLock responds:

Wow. That's one of the coolest things I've ever heard in a review. Thanks!