Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

I salute you

Finally someone else in the world who is offensive for offensive's sake. Nicely done, violent as hell, and to the point. Good show.

Please Kill her

It Saddens me to find out yesterday that she was being starved to death.
I hope she passes on so that she can finnaly rest in peace. Jesus freaks go fuck yourselves. If i were in her shoes, id rather take a bullet in the head then starve like an animal.

kinda wierd, but not bad

You know, most people (like the last reveiwer for instance) would say this is sick, and that the artist is deeply desturbed. I don't think so. The only thing I found disturbing is the smile on the kid's face after shooting the guy. Although, if I were in an institution or whatever, and I was a complete vegetable, I would WANT that to happen to me. Just end the suffering you know?

Great, but still...

...who the hell is terri schiavo?

And as for anyone after me whoes going to say "OMG!! HOW CUD U SAY THAT!!!" Well, sorry for not being american:P

im the true 1000'th

yay, but it was short but good