Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"

good flash...

yez is good


greatest flash ever


^^Good Points^^
The graphics were very good, especially the drawings, and this is one of the few flashes that blood actually looks good the way it is drawn. I found the "I'll do it, she's my dog" line pretty funny as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
I'd like to give this a higher score, but I just can't do it with good conscience, this is kind of wrong...

Right to the point...

Short and sweet as ever!

Just want to say how much it's cost to "grow a vegetable" when you could have put those ressources to save the living. I'm sure that if she was there, she would agree with me! It's unfair to let her live when other people can't have basic care even in the USA, even in Canada.

Plus, I want to say to those which are more religious than the Pope itself... It's not against our belief: it's not euthanasia. The Church agrees with stopping "extraordinary ways" to keep someone alive. It basically mean that if she didn't need a machine to breath and to eat then it would have been wrong. All they did by unplugging her is to let nature do what it should have way earlier. It's not like killing her. BTW, for this flash... remember that cartoon are cartoon!

As this wasn't short and sweet... I just want to say in the end... Don't reply with Bible verse:
1) I'm not that religious
2) That's plain gross

Finally, good job again, I'm more than ever expecting the next Miss Dynamite.


Lmao it was funny not sure i should laugh though :/ ... nice little comment at the end lmao.