Reviews for "MssDynamitevsTerriSchiavo"


I liked it, everyone should have the right to suicide. P.S. WTF happened to Evas voice, she sounds too effeminite

Fucking Hilarious

....holy shit.......that wasn't right.

Damn.........its everywhere!




"ahahah Dumbass Terry Shivo Got What Was Com'n For Her. Great Flash"

Dude that is fucking gross. How can you say that? Are you not human or something?

In relation to the movie: Very funny.

"Its my dog. Ill do it."

Here's why I cannot give this more than a five

While Ms. Schiavo's poor decaying body was being kept alive, I was hoping they would just pull the plug and let her rest in peace.
I hated how Republicans exploited that woman.
I understand dark humour. But I felt like your flash was making fun of Terri personally rather than the situation at hand.
I do love your other flashes though and I think you've got a lot of potential with your animation!