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Reviews for "Frostbite"

Oh Yeah I love me some popsicle


Simply amazing, epic how the bottom side of her body is cut off by the water, and the refelction is perfect, keep up the good work buddy :)

Simply stunning.

Her bra looks cut off or like it cuts right into her shoulder. And the hand looks a bit fused with her leg. The reflection is a little off. Hard to describe how to fix it, just look at a frozen lake at the different levels of it being frozen (thinly on the surface to very thick) at night with some light, and even watch how it acts with objects being closer and farther from it. I describe the effect as a bit jumpy, as it doesn't meet like a mirror or water, and where the breaks are on the surface would smear the light it not put a break in it.

JoshSummana responds:

Yeah I see what you mean about the bra bit. And yeah the hand is supposed to be fused with her leg lol. As for the reflection its impossible to be off as its a direct flip of her :S... aside from the textures of the ice itself. As for the ice itself... I just wanted it solid/ smooth... almost a mix between a marble floor and the floor of ice you might get in an ice rink. Cheers for the crits.