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Reviews for "Madness Depredation"

I don't know.

Although I can see how the people look like something you would make, I am not sure if it is really yours. The way they fight has changed a lot, and it seemed like the main sorce of weapon was gun related, which was a big change. This was being dragged out with the 4th flash to begin with, so I am not sure if this is even front page worthy. Ever since the 4th one came out, also, there has probably been plenty of spoofs off on the madness idea. It is hard to judge whether or not it is stole, but in my eyes, there is a good possibility that it is.

Good stuff

This is what you'd get if Quentin Terantino and George Romero got together to do a remake of "The Professional". And if they were on serious drugs while making it. What kind of shit do you smoke, my friend? Very, very, very cool.

I have to say...

Well, this was definately the best Madness so far. I can't believe the ending though, and I'm not a spoiler so I won't say anything. But man, Krinkles, dude, you actually freaked me out for a moment. New effects, totally awesome. Keep up the good work and once again, whoa.

Best One Ever...

That was the best Madness ever made, great job Krinkles. I really enjoyed this episode.

I coudnt believe Jesus got killed by the clown, what an episode. Great job once again!


GREAT JOB man , glad to see sumtin from a old pro it made my day. thanx