Reviews for "<LE>Sapphire Sky(Demo)"

Love this song

Very relaxing, very well done.

There's something about your songs..

... what makes me want to listen to them again and again. And this song is not an exclusion. I must agree with the guys below - it's very relaxing and mellow.

Keep it up.

LiquidEcstacy responds:

Thanks very much =) Glad to see a fan.

verrry nice.

The beginning reminds me of the band 'Eluvium', if you've heard of them.
Nice work, I like the environment noises at the start.
great job.

I'm floating.

This is the kind of song I usually have playing when I'm studying, or just feelin' chill. Definitely makes me feel like I'm drifting unhinged and unhindered through a 'sapphire sky' with nothing else.

Wewhew. Me gusta mucho.

If I close my eyes, my toes leave the ground.

LiquidEcstacy responds:


I love the synth I made for the melody.

Very relaxing

I definitely dig the vibe I got from this song. Great work! I loved all the random bloops and bleeps and stuff too, heh.

LiquidEcstacy responds:

Thanks man. I really honestly surprises me that all of these runes still have above 4.00

I didn't think they were that good back then.