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Reviews for "Bass Piratez - Pirate Dance"

I love it!

Absolutely love it! Is it alright if I use this in a video (if I ever get to making it)? Credit will be given in, well, the credits lol.


oh my fuck. :L 1:10 just kicks in like a bitch! :P


Love this i have no idea how you got the inspiration for this its truly truly very unique i've never heard any thing quite like this before i really like it, I wish it could go on for longer thats why i rated down sorry

Epic Pirate Soooong

0:30-0:42 i was thinking this is guna be some drawn back piece of crap again (Bad streak of picking songs today)... Then it hit 0:43... Then it hit 1:10.

Congratulations. 5/5 ^_^"

oh cool!

i like this a lot! really cool vibe and i love the effects in there! i mean the crowd and the voice clips are nice thoughs (where you get it?) you have a very good style like envy idont know maybe its how you used the synth you use Nexus? eather way i love to see this flp and study it! great job and keep on dancing!