Reviews for "Together forever"

Ugh... I remember the first time I read school days. I got so fucking freaked when I hit the ending, it was a feeling unlike anything i've experienced before or since. I just didn't expect it and it was so dark and messed up. Ugh. Dead eyed bitch. Good work. I think her face was a little rounder but you are you have your own style, can't expect a trace and this is still close as can be.

Reminds me of Mirrai Nikki and Higurashi ..both messed up animes
But I love blood and death in my between.

execellent you can tell she's nuts her eyes are empty.

Another surprising one was Shuffle!, since it painted itself as being the most stereotypical ecchi harem romance anime ever, but wound up being insanely awesome after the first 6-10 episodes.
Good art, though!

HOLY SH#@!!! Dude this anime was all good during the first couple of episodes then that happened. Watching this was also a big mistake i made.