Reviews for "Inner Strength"

GoOd job

time after time u impress me good job and what kind of wah do u use? i have a vox custom that cost me $150. and mine kicks butt what do u use.


well it's not impressive, it's marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After listening to "The Siren" numerous times I took the time out to check this track out and what can I say... A cracking track again which I can't believe doesn't have a higher rating.

Nice clear recording, more tracks please!!!


Nice vocals, nice guitar and bass playing. Not to mention drums.

But overall, I think The Siren is better.

A little too many electronics

Definitly a funk song, like Stevie Wonder if he played Drums. Riffage was good, not overdone like we sometimes get with the RHCP. You went kind of dance-pop like when the vocals came in, and electronics made her voice less appealing. I gotta say though that there was too much symbles in it. Nice work.