Reviews for "8-bit Storm"

Upgrade quality

I know the goal of this song is being 8-bit, but have you ever thought of posting it in a better quality, I mean, that would give NG user to hear both versions

Awesome battle music dude!!!

Let me say no more!

close your eyes and imagine playing final fantasy or some turnbased rpg while listening to this.


but i really hate listening to 8bit music to be honest.. it's giving me headace caus of these bad quality sounds.. the song is wellmade so it's a 9 ;)


Can I...

Use this at any time for a game i might make!
this would make an awesome final boss theme!
very nice

really nice

I love the main tones are 8bit but your bass and pads are in stereo and are the more modernized sounds.. they actually compliment each other VERY WELL.. I think thats why I like this song especially vs other 8bit remixes... 8bit sounds awesome for about 1minute... but since you added in the bass it fills the hole and it really does sound.. your still using the vintage style drums which i think fits this.. itd sound goofy with real drums or a kick drum lol...

Nice melodies in here.. amazing countermelodies.. the spiraling arpessgios are amazing sounding.. you have what it takes to make a great muscian... keep me posted if you post anything else like this... 8bit or not.. I wanna hear some good stuff here