Reviews for "8-bit Storm"


A great loop for any boss battle, or Into to a NES game. As an avid lover of Retro gaming, I like what you have done here. You have my respect 10 fold.

Pretty good yo.

I would have to agree with the guy below me. Awesome synthwork. I can tell that you've been using alot of sounds in the background to make the song seem "full"
But yeah, this song would definitely be good in those SEGA Sonic & Knuckles games. KUTGW brudda!!

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if you lived in the 80's

you would be able to compose for game developers like a mad man, great sound


You're wonderful at making songs using only 8-bits.

Don't stop!

This is by far my favourite one.

= )


Great Work

Really like you're style. It's a very cloudy piece but done with some real solid compilation. Nothing bad to say...