Reviews for "8-bit Storm"

im a sucker for stuff like this

:P nice. you have my 'yes'


I cant remember but i think i heard somthing like this before. o well awsome song . keep up the good work

Pure Win

When I read the Author Comments, I tried thinking of storms, but all I could think of is Megaman. I see it being the theme for a stage for a boss like, laserman, or maybe dataman. Idk, but I gotta go play some Megaman now.


I wish I could figure out how to make 8-bit songs! I use FL studio, any way that is possible with that system?

Otherwise, this is perfect! I could totally hear this being played on any 8-bit platform video game! and other than that it is fun to listen to plain! Its just perfect! though I am curious as to what it could sound like without the 8-bit limitations, do you think you could remake this into something more epic? I could totally hear this with stronger sounds, it would be AMAZING! or do you already have something like that? I better go check.



dude this is the shit