Reviews for "8-bit Storm"

Great song!

Haha I've been listening to it for an hour now, very nice blend. Everything flows well and it's really nice to listen to.

Epic Awesome! X3

Very inspiring! I Belongs in a video game! 100/10!


this song is really good. i couldn't really think of storms when i listen to it but i did imagine of a short story or flash that might go well with this. maybe you can make a non-looping version? if not then that's ok. anyway 5/5 10/10 keep up the good work. ;)

billy1273 is right.

Awesome song! I tried also to think of storms, and that worked, but as I went reading billy1273's Review, I only could think of a boss theme XD

Damn you billy1273, now all i can think is megaman

This is great. It's awesome.