Reviews for "8-bit Storm"


Its seems to remind me of zelda or finel fantasy what ever it is its great must make more 8-bit music its suits you

It reminds of a bunch of cows dancing

This song is awesome! I just want to get high and listen to this song.


This is incredible. i can see it fitting into an 8bit platform shooter of megaman. This greatly reminded me of the piece of music used in Megaman 2 when youre in Dr.Wilys Castle


I have listened to most of your songs and they all sound perfect to me. Even if it sounds too loud or soft at times, it still doesn't sounds bad at all. By the way, there are some limits in 8-bit music that current music right now can't beat... For example, the beat and percussion of the sound. You have the stuff to make 8-bit music good and never get old. Peace out, EF. Hope you keep up the good work! =D


"Hope you enjoy it, and I hope these aren't getting old!"

8-Bit will never get old, this was an amazing piece of 8-bit music, it has that perfect blend of old school sound, with a nice mix of chaos.

Great job on this, I dont have anything that I think should be fixed, its perfect the way it is.