Reviews for "8-bit Storm"


I kinda like it, pretty relaxed

Nice job dood

Very good beat, but it seems there's room for improvement. But that's my opinion, but as u said the flow of the song was kind of dull and unexciting towards and at the middle of the song. Though the rest of the song made up for it. This keeped me entertained for a long while, because it reminded me of when i was young playing my Nintendoand its great games.
Overall, I really enjoyed this song and keep up the good work dood. =p

ahh! that nice nintendo-arcade feeling!

a very nice tune i think, i can feel that i belongs in some old video-game, and i mean that in a good way :) perhaps a bit stronger base and a more varierty of the drums. but in all i like it and hope to hear more of your work

Awesome Sauce!!!

Truly amazing job, dude. By the way, what did you use to do this?

Its a storm alright.

A storm of 8 bit greatness.