Reviews for "Metal Gear Crisis 1.1"

haha this was hillarious

or when the parachute didn't work
or : the conversations between snake and the other dude
or: and now to finish you of with useless questions

well there's so much funny shit and i am to lazy to whrite it all down.

i can't wait for the sequel

That was awesome

I can't wait for the next one, it started to get a little boring but then it would be hilarious again.

wow NALO!!!

The graphics on this one are your best yet. The animation is very fluid and the character drawing is outstanding. Great job on the artwork with lots of different scenes which kept it interesting. The quality is the same great level thru the whole movie too. The scenes where there are close-ups of Solid Snake and different expressions on his face is just priceless.
Your style has improved so much over time. You seem to be at the top of your game now. I hope you keep at it and at digital arts.
The sound is great. The little music bits fit well and the voice acting is super. Syncing is outstanding.
Violence level was just about right for this type movie. The scene where Snake asks the girl stupid questions is great. Lots of collateral damage with blown up lockers and such.
Nice interactivity here. I loved that preloader. It could use a spiffy logo in the opening of the movie. Nice scene selector and replay button. Nice credits at the end. Just about everything a movie could use in the way of interactivity. It woulda been nice to have the scene selector thru the movie in the sub-title area or something but thats ok.
Kudos to LF for a great and funny script. Nice sight gags {such as the game port controller} and I laffed out loud at most of the parts. Humor and entertainment levels are over the top. Well done and well worth waiting for NALO. Good luck man. I hope to see you on top of the digital arts world!

This was a great Metal Gear Parody

NALO and Legendary Frog did a wonderful job on this parody of Metal Gear. The voices in this were done very well, this movie was hillarious, the violence was amazing. I hope to see more out of the both of you in flash work (knowing how hard flash is, this might take a while.) What you guys can improve on probably is the clarity of your voices a bit, but other then that, amazing work.


LMFAO thats all i gotta say