Reviews for "Diary of William Ostler"

you did the damn thing...

that was out there - totally out there - I loved it!!!

What the hell, 10s all around.

Ha, this was pretty damn good. I LOVED how original it was. How just one word, thought of in a different way was turned into a whole flash. Keep thinking like this and I'm sure all your other stuff will be as good if not better. Keep up the good work, I really enjoyed it.



Very Stylish

I loved the concept, although it is a little bit freaky how this young william thinks, kind of reminds me of....me.

Loved it!!!

That was AWESOME!!!!! I mean, the whole Die-ry thing, where did u come up with that? That's some twisted sh** right there! But I'm kindda twisted too, so it's all good! Man, that was SO COOL!! I thought it was hillariouse! Where did you come up with that?? Keep up the stupendouse work!!