Reviews for "Diary of William Ostler"


Seriously, that was a waste of time. If you're going to do something "dark and funny" make sure you take the time to add the FUNNY part.

that was ok

that was cool i like it hope to see more submissions from you like your graphics and stuff!

loved it

It was cool I like it a lot .

If people are going to give a crap review they should at least spell the words right.

Funny not funnie.

well that wasn't very funnie......

I am being sarcstic up top there, but seriously don't know why this is in the "FUNNIE" section. because I was under the impression that the >>FUNNIE<< section contained only >>FUNNIE<< cartoons. because the >>>>>>>>FUNNIE<<<<<<<< cartoons are supposed to be >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FUNNIE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


funny to who

i'm sorry but that was a waste of my time. i saw no humor in that at all. it had a good start but then the rest was him using his imagination.