Reviews for "Diary of William Ostler"

I remember this!

Yeah, I saw this an eternity ago on ABS. I remember my mom was in the room, so I turned it off once they started swearing. Anyway, it's still good after all these years.


absolutly brilliant i was wondering what to to do in my flashes to make them better

thank you woooo dark humor


Wow that's fucked up. Got to love word play and that sick twisted humour. Please do make more like this!

Twisted, and a little funny

I'm a fan of twisted humor, but that seemed a lot more twisted then it did humorous. Not bad though, but it could use either a little lightening up, or a little more over the top crazy.

I should write in my diery more often

This is so twisted. Any one that liked this should wach baby factory its sort of the same concept